Hélène Mostertman

Hélène was born in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) in 1972.

Hélène studied hotel management and then traveled for 9 years to find the best place to set up her restaurant. In 2001 she arrived in Andalusia where in 2003 she opened her restaurant in the city of Málaga Capital: Vino Mio Restaurant.  www.restaurantevinomio.es.

She also rents holiday apartments in the center of Malaga www.apartamentoscoronadomalaga.com .

During the “Covid Lockdown” in 2020, the idea arose to set up an online store to sell baskets of snacks and gifts. Inspired by Henny from Verrassingsmand. www.deverrassingsmand.nl.  

Johanna Bellis

Johanna was born in the city of Caracas Venezuela in 1975.

She finished her studies with a specialty in Graphic Design at the Instituto Superior de Diseño de Caracas and continued her career in Bournemouth UK. Since then she has continued to evolve to learn and work in the world of graphic arts, a career that she is passionate about.

Almost 20 years have passed since she arrived in Malaga, a city where she has had the opportunity to grow professionally in different companies and walk her own path to achieve many goals.